Three projects

Examples projects

We have prepared three sample apps created with our system for you. We will present the planned costs of implementation that have been submitted to us by three independent IT companies in relation to actual costs, all in a simple and transparent manner. The projects are: "a business card holder", "an auction application" such as eBay, "a medical appointment registration application".

All the three projects were priced by three independent IT companies regarding analysis and implementation.

To build the projects from our site we used premade mockups available in our application for free. Those are:

  • registration module.
  • sign in module.
  • password reminder module.
  • user management module.
  • customizer management module.
  • role module and dictionaries.
  • complaints module.
  • billing module.
  • auction module.
  • contact module.
  • client panel / module (creation of parcels, payoffs, complaints; data editing).

Average project/application implementation times provided by three companies:

- Business card holder: valued at 10 man-days - with UX2APP we did it in...? [read more]

- Registration for medical appointments: valued at 46 man-days - with UX2APP we did it in...? [read more]

- Auction: valued at 131 man-days - with UX2APP we did it in...? [read more]

The main advantages of using UX2APP:


Saving time.


Correctness of communication.


Client satisfaction.


Boosted company profits.

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