For who UX2APP?

What will you gain with UX2APP?

The UX2APP Application is an advanced tool with features that simplify building apps in all phases of its life.

Thanks to our Application you will minimize the costs of creating your own application on all its levels. After creating the account, you can immediately make a project consisting of modules, forms and lists. Simplifying the project creation process shortens the time of its development, therefore increasing your company’s profit.

Below you will find all the advantages of using UX2APP by several individual units in your company.

If you are...

If you run a business, you will notice the benefits of using our application in every phase of project implementation.

- First of all, it is a system equipped with project and task management features that will help you control the project and its tasks.

- Secondly, you will reduce the costs of analysis by 20% and even up to 100%, depending on the type of the project. It is possible if the analyst uses the existing mockups in the system that are shared by its other users. You also gain a fully working prototype and the ability to report corrections by inputting your insights directly onto the mockups.

- Lastly, depending on the type of project you can make savings on the implementation of the entire project. Your profit is from 20% up to 80% of the costs of a designer and programmer.

By using our application you can lower production costs thereby making more profits or lower the spending of the end-customer. You can finally kick-start your start-up projects that you never had enough time and resources for. Thanks to that you can check how the market reacts to your ideas at a low cost.

We have huge plans and in the future you can definitely expect different output technologies, many new components and capabilities, voice control, etc.

Thanks to our application you save time and resources. Join us. Be ECO.

If you are an analyst, our application will provide you with essential features for building mockups. Moreover, our app stands out because of how it can shorten the time needed to create mockups.

This is due to the fact that, as you’ve probably noticed, you can make use of the mockups created by other users when it comes to whole projects as well as the modules themselves.

You can also share your own mockups with others, thereby supporting our project and other users of the system.

A big advantage of our mockup system is that ultimately, you do not run static mockups but you show your clients a working prototype. You input the data, delete, edit and check how your app behaves live. Because of that, you can detect bugs and implement corrections at an early stage.

Your clients can report corrections to the project as tasks for you or your programmer on an ongoing basis. Our application allows you to report bugs as project tasks, and to manage them. What is more, we have implemented the ability to point out bugs and errors by clients directly on the mockups, which results in a screenshot being attached to the task. It makes working with clients over mockups that much easier.

We have very big plans and in the future you can definitely expect several new components and features, voice control, etc.

Thanks to our application you save time and resources. Join us. Be ECO.

If you are a programmer, you will definitely appreciate the fact that with our application you can create the main code of the app quickly and easily; all that’s left for you will be detailing and refining the algorithms, the app’s logic or its UI.

Thanks to us you will get rid of common bugs and programming problems while developing applications. Template solutions lead to a smaller number of errors and enforce code consistency as well as applying the same solutions. They also make writing shared mechanisms a lot simpler.

As a programmer, spending a whole day looking for a bug that occured because of a wrongly placed character in a line of code is most likely a situation you’ve come across quite a few times, isn’t it? Also, if you are a novice programmer, in addition to those problems you struggle with the architecture itself or utilizing the framework. These problems disappear if you choose our solution. And you yourself will only deal with real problems that we haven’t implemented into our generator yet. You can spend the saved time on additional testing or simply more vacation ;). It will allow you to increase performance, consequently completing more projects and boosting profits.

You may also influence the code generated by us, which we constantly develop and strive to make perfect and bug-free.

All you have to do is submit your suggestions in the ticket system, and we will do our best to improve the output code.

We have huge plans and in the future you can definitely expect different output technologies, several new components and capabilities, voice control, code refactoring, automatic testing, etc.

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