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"And the world was more beautiful than I ever dreamed, but also more dangerous than I ever imagined."
Kevin Flynn Tron: Legacy

You draw and robots are
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The main page shows a questionnaire that can be fulfilled by the customer.. As you can see, it is a complete questionnaire that can be fulfilled by your customer, and the data will be saved in the SQL database at once!


The admin panel allows you to view the questionnaires. Access to them is available to system operators in the admin panel.


Ability to view, edit and add questionnaire operators. Such persons can manage the system of questionnaires. A list together with a form can be found below.


Log-in form for questionnaire operators.


Using UX2APP means saving time and reducing costs of project preparation!

Creation of the 'Questionnaire' application took us in total 1 hour and 35 minutes!
This includes time of both the analyst and the admin. There was no need to hire a software developer. Traditional programming would take about one day.

While creating application, we used such ready-made prototype widgets as:
lists and forms, setting relevant field names and types.

After creating a module for a customer and for an admin, we have added relevant links between the parties.
All was done in the UX2APP application - without a single code line.

In the end, we generated application, downloaded the code and uploaded it to the server. This process took us about 1.5 hour : ). In a short time, we got a fully working application : )

Here you can find a project that was generated directly from the UX2APP application - with no programming changes. Enter to see how it looks like, and how it works.

Note: You don't have to enter data in the login dialog box. Just simply click on the 'LOGIN', and enter the questionnaire panel.

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