Product information and changes

Product information

We have created a tool for analysts, designers, developers, and especially for business. Our goal is to shorten the path between analyst and a ready-to-use application. Our application reduces costs of creating applications in the development area. It eliminates repetitive simple programming errors that sometimes cost a lot of time, especially among beginners and intermediate programmers. The time saved the company can spend on algorithms and valuable development work, as well as on detailed analytical work.

At this moment, the input interface is the prototype drawing tool that is continuously being developed. Apart from the prototype, the output effect (for this moment) is a working PHP application that is developed by us.

"The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information. What did they look like? Ships? Motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then one day. . ."
Kevin Flynn Tron: Legacy

We plan and work on new interfaces and output technologies. We have many plans and ideas for application development. Our main goal is to make everyone (at all levels of ability) to be able to create own application.

In a few steps we would like to present you operation of our application.

1. First of all, you need to create an account in our service where you will receive a simple 1-user account. It is free for 14 days, but you can immediately buy a wider package or add users.

2. Then you can create a project with tasks and users. You create the project, discuss it with clients, and report tasks.

3. A ready-to-use project can be publicised or possibly sold.

4. The project can be checked in action.

5. If you decide that you want to download the project and it works properly, then you can download it for an additional fee calculated on the basis of the elements used.

The downloaded project may contain some bugs that we are still working on to be fixed. Therefore, works on fixing the bugs should be commissioned to your programmer or possibly to us (at a surcharge). The data model and layout can particularly be improved. Savings are, on average, 50% and in particular cases can range from 20% to 100%.

Any comments on the application and on what we receive are very important for us. Therefore, we have opened a ticket system and Q&A where we provide answers. We explain and implement your ideas. We invite and encourage you to provide us with feedback.


Startup Mixer vol 37 organised by the Science and Technology Park in Opole.

We would like to inform you, that we have presented our project to the next group. We had a presentation at the Startup Mixer vol 37 organised by the Science and Technology Park in Opole.
The project raised considerable interest and was positively received.
After our presentation, we recorded new registrations in the application. If you do not have an account, create one now and use our solution for free :)

How use Awesome Icon and Picture? UX2APP

We have released a new version of our application :) One of the new elements is the possibility to add Font Awesome icons and external images :) Isn't it great? See, how easy it is. Additionally, our system has undergone a slight lifting, and has become more designer-friendly :) That is not all! You can use Font Awesome icons on each and every object added to a project.
See how.

Library of presentations on YouTube

First attempt to gain an investor!

First attempt to gain an investor! ;) CRACOW 2019-01-04
It is a very important event for us, so we have decided to note it, and to inform you and our future investors about our activities!
We would like to invite you to support our idea ;)

New project and movie!

Do you know, that you can copy modules and mockups from one project to another? See how easy it is:
We have added another project! This time it is a running 'image gallery' that is completely developed in UX2APP application!

Another free module

Hi! Look, we have added another free module that you can add to your profile :) The module allows you to change your password, address and your notification preferences :) The settings module: If you don't know how to quickly create mockups and modules yet, then have a look at our latest presentation:

Free mockups for you

We've added two new mockups! Login and user registration :) You can download the project for free to your account. Create a free account at and start designing now :) Login module, Registration module

Grand opening!

We are pleased to inform you that on December 2, 2018 at 21:13, the UX2APP application was started up productively!
We invite you to create a free account and check the possibilities offered by our future software.
We assure you that there is no other such software that allows you to design mockups and target application generation.

The first version of the application is here!

After many months… or even years, we’ve got it! We can introduce you to our innovative system of designing and generating apps: UX2APP. You are welcome to test it for free for 14 days. We encourage you to get familiar with the video tutorials and the documentation. If you have any problems, please get in touch through our ticket system. [OPEN TICKET]

Analysis and optimization of generation

The process of generating applications created a lot of obstacles that we have been able to overcome. However, we are still working on overcoming human errors, so that even an ill-thought out design can be made to work fine, as our system can link the right components.

Design tests

So far we have devoted our time to thorough testing and polishing the design environment. Creating mockups has to be intuitive and clear; that’s why we have emphasized it the most while creating our application.

New UX Wizard components

To simplify designing applications we have implemented the ability to generate forms and data lists. Everything works well during development. Now it’s time for testing after generating the app.


Our system of designing and generating applications is futuristic, so we have decided to take part in the “IT FUTURE EXPO 2017” trade fair. Our platform aroused the interest of a significant group, which has declared to take part in the beta testing when we launch the first version of our application. We had a lot of discussions and we answered many questions. Communicating with potential users will let us better refine the system.

The deadline for project delivery is coming

We have not tested everything yet, especially the process of application generated, so we decided that until we were 100% sure that everything works properly, we will not make code available to be downloaded. Of course, it will be possible to pre-generate the application and verify its operation.

Interface refinement

Developers are working on refining the interface. The next step is to work on the logic of the database.

The last day is coming

While our programmers are working on the application, our team of webmasters have taken care of creating a website for our product. Our future clients can additionally expect the ability to exchange projects with each other as well as use premade modules, which will greatly improve creating apps by analysts.

Every day closer to the end

We came to the conclusion that we will leave some door open for webmasters and we will give the opportunity for customisation of the layout. We do not want to impose restrictions, but we also have a view that we are creating a tool for non-developers.

Prototype of the user interface

It's time to create a prototype of the user interface. We have not foreseen that it would be so technologically problematic and it would take us so long. We have a delay, but we are happy with the results of our work. We are constantly focused on not being a typical RAD tool for programmers, but for analysts that are not familiarised with programming.

The first success

Application prototype completed. The core works, i.e. our assumptions were correct and it is possible to complete the project. Working on four abstraction layers is quite difficult, but the thoughtful, flexible code makes work on the project go according to plan.


The first work goes very well. We all feel excited knowing that we are creating something new and special.

Project Start

We made the decision that it was time for a tool of the future. Despite the loss of financial liquidity, we will become an investor for our own product. We suspend work on other projects and maintain the minimum team needed to complete the project.

See for whom our application is intended