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UX2APP allows you to generate a prototype and to launch it. While you can launch prototypes in other applications, none of them allows you to dynamically enter data, check, delete or update. Our prototype works like a finished application.
Yes. By entering only the email address in the form on the homepage, the Simple package is chosen automatically. It gives you 14 days of free trial period and allows you to work on one project; you can pregenerate your application once a day. This package allows you to keep only one version of the project. You get 5MB of space for attachments and screenshots.
Yes. If you want to work using a package higher than the free Simple package, just sign up on our website, log into your account, and choose a package that suits your needs.
UX2APP is a tool for prototyping applications but its main strength is the possibility of generating a ready-to-use prototype based on a drawn prototype. Thanks to this tool you will create a finished prototype quicker and at a lower cost.
The quickest way to get familiar with UX2APP is watching all the videos that are available in the Video Categories tab. You will find several tutorials there, thanks to which you will quickly learn how to make use of all the capabilities that UX2APP gives you. We also encourage browsing our rich video library, which will definitely speed up the process of learning UX2APP.


Yes, you can sell your projects to other users. UX2APP doesn’t broker this kind of transactions, and all the price arrangements, payment methods, etc. are between you and your client. You will have to sign a proper contract with us.
Yes. Not only does our website allow you to sell your projects, it also lets you share them with other users with no price for them to pay.
Yes. Downloading the generated application will be additionally charged for accordingly to the information in the price list. The price is different for each project and is based on the complexity of the app and the elements used. The feature will be launched in the future. Currently the app is launched as a beta.
Yes, the UX2APP offers a free package, which is valid for an unlimited period. This package lets you use the app normally and generate prototypes that you’ve created. *We reserve the right to remove the free package and account according to the terms & conditions.


Our software allows adding up to 999 users to one profile. You can have accounts for 999 employees or clients that you will create projects for.
Yes, UX2APP has been made specifically for working in a team. Your client can follow the project on an ongoing basis and report their insights/improvements that they would like implemented. After submitting the report a task is created, and you can assign it to your employee or implement whatever your client wants yourself.
Yes, the client can see the prototype. We have to generate it and then provide them with the prototype’s URL.


Currently the system is in the phase of beta testing and there is no way to do that, however we are doing our best to allow you to download the generated application as soon as possible.
Generating prototypes is a process during which a prototype is generated from a finished project. After generating you can check how it works on our servers. It is a fully working prototype with a database. Currently you cannot download the source code because not everything has been polished and tested. We are working on giving you the option to download and launch the prototype on your server.

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