About us

We are inspired by dreams.

Our team consists of enthusiasts who want to make the world a better and a simpler one. We have many years of experience and great aspirations. Our team is not huge but it brings together good professionals who get along well with each other, and each of them has a significant contribution to the development of our system. Our company is based in Poland. We have created many projects that are different in terms of type, size and technology. We have a lot of ideas that we hace recently started to implement. One of them is UX2APP, which has laid unreleased for 10 years. Creation of this product has given us knowledge of artificial intelligence for which we have our own idea, and this will be another project we want to address. We encourage everyone to cooperate in different fields (from partners to investors)

"And the world was more beautiful than I ever dreamed, but also more dangerous than I ever imagined."
Kevin Flynn Tron: Legacy

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